Here’s Alexandra Dompier!


Alex is 11 years old and her birthday is July 18th. Alex loves to play soccer. She loves to watch both college and professional football. Alex loves the summer, especially being at the beach – she also loves being in the ocean or swimming in the pool. Her favorite color is BLUE. When Alex grows up, she wants to be an animal cop! Alex loves spending time with her 4 dogs – Jersey, Rue, Mazie and Kermit – her 1 cat and 1 guinea pig. Alex has 2 siblings, a brother and sister and they support the Duo! Alex loves being a DO ITbecause she can spend time with her BEST FRIEND and be around animals. She was quoted as saying, “the real reason we like being recognized for our work is because it brings more awareness to our cause and more people to help the animals. Which is really why we started all of this in the first place!”


To contact Alex, email: