Here’s Lucy Rose Miles



Lucy is 11 years old. Her birthday is March 21st. She plays soccer and dances. She describes herself as “loads of fun“! She believes she can do anything. She loves the color purple. She will stick up for her friends. And she loves her life! She loves pets. She can spend the whole day laying on the floor with her three dogs – two 14 year old Chocolate Labs, named Mocha and Java, and a 5 year old Black Russian Terrier, named Boris! She has two sisters with whom she loves to go kart! And she spends hours on the beach flying kites, boogie boarding and building sand castles! She loves to read and is very artistic. Her best friend is ….. ALEX!!!! And she has stated that she believes she was put here on this earth at this moment to do this job – TO BE A DO IT!!!!

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