Seaside Heights

“What an amazing day we had! There are so many shout outs to give – Mayor Akers for letting us use the parking lot; Kath and Drew for our amazing necklaces; Hope & Healing Organization for counseling; Detective Todd and Detective Larry and the entire NJSPCA crew; our school friend – Hunter – who instead of birthday gifts asked for donations to our day; our amazing siblings – Hannah, Millie, Callie and Dane; our school friends – John and Katie – for helping out; all our donators and especially our parents. “Today was totally amazing. Tons of food, toys, etc was handed out to people in need! The left over supplies is going to a food pantry we are starting. Thank you so much to our helpers!!!! I think we should do this more often.” – Lucy ^..^ “I am excited that a lot of people are going to be able to feed their pets and they can worry about one less thing. So many people came today looking sad, but they left with a smile. I’m also happy that we had fun with the NJSPCA and Perth Amboy Animal Shelter (shout out to ACO Miss Christie) – you guys ROCK!!!” – Alex. The girls collected and distributed over 1 ton of goods to over 100 families. An amazing day for sure!!!”

From Seaside Heights, posted by Do It Duo for Pets on 3/04/2013 (35 items)

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